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My PICCC contact persion was great. She was always in touch, offering ideas, job leads, and support.

I called PICCC one day and had my first appointment the next. PICCC's website was really helpful but more than anything, I really appreciated my PICCC representative's counsel. She returned e-mail quickly and answered all of my questions.

The outplacement sessions you held at my company were very beneficial for the workers who had not had to job search for an extended period of time. I have heard nothing but excellent comments from them and you helped them to focus on their job searches.

PICCC has a great service and I will definitely recommend your services to others. A sincere thank you for all of your help!

The staff at PICCC always made me feel welcome and they were very helpful in getting me started with my resume. Thank you, PICCC, for getting me started in the right direction and assisting me with my resume writing skills.

All PICCC Staff that I worked with were very professional and knowledgeable. They truly cared about helping me find employment and assisted me in all aspects of my job search. I highly recommend their services. Thank you for your assistance and friendship!

I came to PICCC for some advice and help with my resume and to get a feel for the job climate in the area. PICCC helped me greatly with both of these aspects and I am quite sure their help is responsible for many of my 'hits' on various jobs and ultimately gave me the edge to secure interviews.

My PICCC representative was wonderful. She provided a lot of good pointers for interviewing and was very responsive. PICCC has come through for me two times in a row! Thanks!

Everyone at PICCC was extremely helpful. My representative was extremely knowledgeable about resumes and was able to help me prepare a wonderful resume which helped me get the perfect job.

I found JobNet to be helpful and a good resource for finding out about job fairs. It was also comforting to speak with other people who were going through the process of job searching.

My PICCC representative was incredible! She kept in touch with me, gave me guidance and was always just an e-mail away. When I was down she kept me focused and on track. Your organization is much more helpful than other agencies. Thank you!

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