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The resume service is excellent. I had never done a resume before. I followed the instructions provided in the workshop and completed one successfully.

I got a job through PICCC very quickly! I had applied for work through other services and heard nothing and then decided to e-mail PICCC. That is when things started to happen. I am very plased with the job I got through PICCC and am very thankful.

The two workshops I attended were excellent and very, very helpful. The workshop leader was professional and caring... I am only sorry that I didn't know about PICCC sooner. I would highly recommend PICCC to anyone looking for a job.

Having knowledgeable staff available to review cover letters and thank you notes was great. Getting job leads from PICCC staff was really helpful too.

I utilized JobNet and the networking opportunities provided by PICCC and found them helpful and instrumental in obtaining my current job.

I came to PICCC for some advice and help with my resume and to get a feel for the job climate in the area. PICCC helped me greatly with both of these aspects and I am quite sure their help is responsible for many of my 'hits' on various jobs and ultimately gave me the edge to secure interviews.

PICCC has a great service and I will definitely recommend your services to others. A sincere thank you for all of your help!

My PICCC contact persion was great. She was always in touch, offering ideas, job leads, and support.

My PICCC representative was wonderful. She provided a lot of good pointers for interviewing and was very responsive. PICCC has come through for me two times in a row! Thanks!

The outplacement sessions you held at my company were very beneficial for the workers who had not had to job search for an extended period of time. I have heard nothing but excellent comments from them and you helped them to focus on their job searches.

JobNet is a great place to get some 'piece of mind' by meeting other professionals who are going through the job search process.

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