PICCC Membership: A photo of PICCC Executive Director, Cheryl M. Johnson, and PICCC Member, Cindy Zimmerman of Woodcraft Industries PICCC Executive Director, Cheryl M. Johnson, and PICCC Member, Cindy Zimmerman of Woodcraft Industries, discuss the results of a workplace culture survey.

PICCC Membership


Our Business Membership Campaign is now underway and we would like to invite your business to become a PICCC member company.

The Private Industry Council of Centre County (PICCC) is a non-profit corporation that provides businesses and individuals with high-quality, cost-effective employment and career-related services. Corporate and individual support for PICCC enables us to remain a vital force for effective workforce services in Central Pennsylvania. With your PICCC membership, you are a partner in all these important services.

Each year PICCC assists several hundred individuals with finding employment, many at PICCC member companies. This past year, PICCC provided a variety of fee-based services such as outplacement when companies have downsized or specialized recruiting for those who are growing, at a discount to members. We developed company-specific training, performed assessments, focus groups and organization-wide surveys, assisted HR departments with various functions, performed assessments, career development and executive coaching, and provided salary, labor market, and other information. PICCC has provided many services to youth through "Blueprint for Success," a career exploration program that prepares youth for the future workforce and possibly your future talent pool.

Central Pennsylvania continues to experience various workforce challenges as well as opportunities for economic growth. PICCC is pleased to be an entity that assists in addressing these needs for the community and we desire to work in partnership with you to meet the needs of your organization as well.

If you have any questions or need additional information or an application for membership, please send Us an E-mail or call 814-237-8998. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your organization's specific needs and how PICCC services can benefit your business.

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