JobNet: A photo showing several job seekers, two of which are shaking hands.


JobNet has assisted executives and professionals in career transition since 1995. JobNet is a networking organization for men and women and is recognized as a unique resource for middle and senior level managerial talent and professionals in all functional disciplines, including those with technical expertise such as engineering or information technology.

JobNet offers valuable resources and networking opportunities for finding new employment. We assist members in their job search activities by facilitating networking among people who are seeking new jobs or interested in changing or advancing careers.

JobNet meets at PICCC Inc., State College, PA every other week. There is no cost associated with attending meetings. Please contact PICCC at 814-237-8998 for more information.

Employers can draw from this regional talent pool for both interim consulting projects and full-time positions. We welcome inquiries from any employer that is offering employment opportunities, particularly those located in Central PA and along the I-99 Corridor.


I utilized JobNet and the networking opportunities provided by PICCC and found them helpful and instrumental in obtaining my current job.

JobNet was extremely helpful. It was a good outlet for ideas and emotions that come with a job search. The leaders provided ideas and suggestions.

What I like most about PICCC is that they do not simply offer people hand-outs, they offer a HAND-UP. PICCC is a valuable resource to people and the community is a much better place thanks to all who work at PICCC.