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These jobs have been listed within the last 7 days.
Job # Job Title
5179 Commercial Banking Relationship Manager (State College)
5178 Radio Broadcaster (State College)


These jobs were listed previously and are still available.
Job # Job Title
5177 Manufacturing Technician - Silica (Bellefonte)
5176 Network Operations Center Technician (State College)
5174 Lifestyle Content Assistant (State College)
5173 Data Analyst Intern (State College)
5172 Marketing Communications Manager (State College)
5171 Retail Sales Associate (State College)
5170 PT Staff Accountant (Bellefonte)
5169 Customer Service Specialist (State College)
5165 Senior Accountant (State College)
5162 Research Associate (State College)
5159 Software Application Specialist - Sales (State College)
5158 Database Specialist (State College)
5157 Web UI Developer (State College)
5154 HR Generalist (Tipton)
5151 US Sales Manager (State College)
5150 Manufacturing Engineer I or II (Bellefonte)
5145 JavaScript Developer (State College)
5144 Web Server Administrator (State College)
5142 PT Nurse Navigator (State College)
5130 Manufacturing Chemist-HPLC (Bellefonte)
5129 HPLC Product Development Chemist (Bellefonte)
5125 Software Developer (State College)
5046 Care Givers (Bellefonte)
4979 PSU Hospitality Services **Updated Weekly**
4752 Software Implementation Analyst (State College)
4389 Various Positions Available- Updated Weekly (Central PA)
4232 Various *Updated Weekly* (Centre County)
4043 Various Positions (McElhattan)
3979 Various Positions (State College)
3842 Various Positions (Lock Haven)
3841 Various Positions (Lewistown)


Employers are regularly recruiting for the following positions and have requested that they be listed as ongoing.
Job # Job Title
4263 Caregiver (Central PA)

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