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These jobs have been listed within the last 7 days.
Job # Job Title
5080 Workforce Development Specialist (Blair)
5079 Workforce Development Specialist (Bedford)
5078 Workforce Development Specialist - Youth Programs (Blair)
5077 Career Placement Consultant (Blair/Bedford)
5076 Manufacturing Supervisor (Bellefonte)
5075 Manufacturing Technician (Bellefonte)
5074 Manager of Channel Management (Bellefonte)
5073 Administrative Assistant (Pleasant Gapy)
5072 Customer Service Specialist (State College)
5071 Graphic Design Intern (State College)
5070 Online Journalist Intern (State College)
5069 Marketing Intern (State College)
5068 Social Media Intern (State College)
5067 Sales Support Analyst Intern (State College)
5066 Mobile Applications Developer (State College)


These jobs were listed previously and are still available.
Job # Job Title
5064 Regional Payroll Coordinator (Philipsburg)
5063 Talent Acquisition Manager (State College)
5062 HR Business Partner (Bellefonte)
5060 HR Coordinator (State College)
5059 Mechanical Estimator (Bellefonte)
5058 PT Assistant Project Engineer (Harrisburg)
5057 Project Manager for Strategic Operations (State College)
5056 News Writer (State College)
5055 Brand Assurance Coordinator (State College)
5054 Environmental Health & Safety Manager (Bellefonte)
5053 Quality Control Analyst 2nd Shift (Bellefonte)
5052 Manufacturing Chemist (Bellefonte)
5051 Research & Development Chemist (Bellefonte)
5049 Macintosh Support Technician (State College)
5048 Sr. PC Support Technician (State College)
5047 Executive Director (State College)
5046 Care Givers (Bellefonte)
5045 Business Systems Developer (State College)
5044 Marketing Research and Competitive Insights Manager (SC)
5041 Digital Sales Specialist (Johnstwon)
5040 Technical Service Chemist (Bellefonte)
5023 VP of Research & Development (Bellefonte)
5005 Research Technician (State College)
5004 Project Engineer (State College)
5003 Sales Account Representative (State College)
4999 Graphic Artist/Sales Assistant (State College)
4998 Sales Representative (State College)
4997 Sales Representative (State College)
4996 Product Marketing Manager (Bellefonte)
4995 Process Engineering Manager (Bellefonte)
4979 PSU Hospitality Services **Updated Weekly**
4950 News and Video Coordinator (State College)
4752 Software Implementation Analyst (State College)
4710 FT Janitorial Positions (Port Matilda)
4709 PT Janitorial Positions (Port Matilda)
4708 Seasonal Janitorial Positions (Port Matilda)
4693 Cashier (State College)
4389 Various Positions Available- Updated Weekly (Central PA)
4232 Various *Updated Weekly* (Centre County)
4043 Various Positions (McElhattan)
3979 Various Positions (State College)
3842 Various Positions (Lock Haven)
3841 Various Positions (Lewistown)


Employers are regularly recruiting for the following positions and have requested that they be listed as ongoing.
Job # Job Title
4263 Caregiver (Central PA)

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