Job Seeker Assistance: A photo showing a job seeker reading the newspaper while talking on his cell phone.

Job Seeker Assistance

PICCC offers tools and resources to help you conduct a self-directed job search. We have significant experience assisting people who have been affected by corporate layoffs, mergers, downsizing, reorganization, or closings. We have worked with individuals with various backgrounds; from highly-experienced to entry-level, including thousands of professionals such as engineers, technicians, accountants, managers, executives, human resource specialists, assemblers, secretaries, and many more.

Contact us to obtain additional information regarding services and activities or to schedule an individual appointment. Additional PICCC Staff are located in Blair and Bedford counties for your convenience. Contact us to learn about the office nearest you!

Employment and Resume Referral Services

Register for PICCC's Employment Services. We'll add your resume to our database and refer you to appropriate job openings with potential employers at no cost to you.

Workshops for Job Seekers

Choose from a series of activities designed to enhance your job searching skills. Workshop topics include Strategic Job Searching, Resume Preparation (including cover letters), and Competitive Interviewing. Learn more or register now.

Skills / Employment Assessment and Career Counseling

We use a wide range of tools to help you to develop and manage the direction of your career. We can help you to assess your interests, aptitudes, skills, and use the information to make appropriate occupational choices.

Access Job Leads

Utilize PICCC's Job Listings to view employer vacancies available in Central Pennsylvania and apply for positions.

JobNet - Job Search Networking Group

Managers, Executives and other Professionals can attend a JobNet meeting to find other professionals who are conducting job searches or changing careers.

Individual Appointments

Meet one-on-one with a member of the PICCC staff to discuss your specific career goals, the development of a career implementation plan and/or to discuss items of specialized interest.

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