I-99 Initiative: A photo of business people and the Interstate Route 99 road sign.

I-99 Jobs Initiative

PICCC understands the availability of a quality workforce – both today and in the future – plays a critical role in business recruitment, retention and overall economic success of organizations and communities found along the I-99 Corridor in Bedford, Blair, and Centre Counties.

At PICCC, we believe the combination of top-notch education programs, work-based skills training and learning opportunities and strong regional partnerships is critical to the continued improvement of our workforce.

With offices located throughout the region, we are well-equipped to act as a conduit to businesses along the I-99 Corridor in finding the many resources available for them to recruit, train, and retain a skilled workforce.

We offer regional workforce development services including:

  • Recruiting Services — We provide no cost, confidential recruiting assistance to companies considering relocation or expansion in the region.
  • I-99 Jobs Listing Service — PICCC offers an online list of job vacancies which is dedicated to the needs of regional businesses. Our web site connects job seekers with employers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Networking and Referral Services — We’ve forged strong partnerships with key people and organizations at the local, state, and national level who believe investing in our local workforce is one of our region’s highest priorities. We are dedicated to sharing information and helping businesses make the connections they need to succeed and remain competitive.
  • JobNet - Job Search Networking Group — Managers, Executives and other Professionals can attend a JobNet meeting to network with other professionals who are conducting job searches or changing careers.